Legacy Healthcare Ltd in Auckland covers four levels of care: rest home care, age-related hospital care, dementia care, and psychogeriatric care. The skilled staff are committed to ensuring patients feel comfortable and at ease, prioritizing both their mental and physical well-being.

Services   and   Amenities

24/7 Nurse on Duty

Nurse are always available  in the rest home. they give medicine to patients; measure blood presure; perform first aids  and call ambulance for residents

Doctor's visit

The doctor attends residents biweekly, promptly addressing medical concerns and can be summoned for any urgent medical issues.


Tailored physiotherapy promotes residents obility, strength, and wellness, improving residents quality of life


Regular podiatrist visits ensure nail care, foot disease checks, and promote foot health,  enhancing residents’ well-being.

Activity program

Engage in ball games, bingo, and more to nurture social bonds, active participation, and joyful moments, enriching residents’ lives.

Hair Cut

Hairdresser visits regularly, offering convenient haircuts in the rest home, ensuring well-groomed residents and a touch of pampering.

Types of Residential Cares 

Rest Home

Rest homes offer care for older people who can manage some daily tasks, but need help with personal care and who would find it difficult to live safely in their own homes.

Long-stay Hospitals

long-stay hospitals offers care to people who have significant medical problems , needing ongoing care from registered nurse in a dedicated safe facility.

Dementia units

Dementia Units are specialized spaces offering comprehensive care and support for individuals living with dementia, addressing their unique needs

Psycho-geriatric Units

Psycho-geriatric units are secure, and care for people who have difficult behavioural problems, including severe dementia or addictions, and need a high level of specialist nursing care

Respite Care

Respite care offers temporary relief to caregivers by providing short-term, professional assistance in looking after individuals with special needs.

Day Program

Seniors Day Program offers engaging activities and care during the day, fostering social interaction and support for older adults.

Happy   Hours


I live in Legacy Healthcare’s rest home, and I really enjoy their “happy hours,” especially when the music band plays. These times are so special with fun, friends, and happiness. The things we do and how we talk with each other, along with the music, make me feel happy and part of a lively group. Seeing other people here having a good time and making memories warms my heart. Legacy Healthcare makes our older years really great!

- Rakib Hasan

Steps  Towards  to  Move  to   a  Rest  Home


Power of Antony

A Power of Attorney is a legally binding document that confers authority upon an appointed individual to act on behalf of another person. It typically encompasses two distinct aspects: financial decision-making and healthcare-related choices.


The assessment process is conducted by a Needs Assessment and Service Coordination (NASC) agency. This assessment evaluates the individual’s needs and suitability for residential care, ensuring they receive appropriate support and services.

Financial Planning

It involves assessing the costs, exploring funding options, and creating a budget to ensure adequate resources for accommodation and care expenses.

Visiting Potential Rest Home

It involves to research different facilities, consider location, amenities, quality of care, read reviews, visit potential options, and involve healthcare professionals and loved ones in the decision-making process.

Downsizing Your Belongs

When downsizing belongings for a rest home move, assess each item’s value and sentimental attachment, prioritize essentials, organize donations or sales, and enlist support from family or professionals for a smoother transition.

Plan the move

To organize moving and settle down in a rest home, plan ahead, pack essentials, arrange transportation, notify relevant parties, familiarize yourself with the rest home, set up your living space, engage in activities, seek assistance when needed, communicate with loved ones, and prioritize self-care during the transition.

Admission Process

The admission process for a rest home entails signing the admission agreement and necessary paperwork, providing contact details, medical history, dietary preferences, payment arrangements, and ensuring a seamless transition into care.

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