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Takanini Lodge is known for its warm and inclusive atmosphere. Our dedicated staff prioritize creating a supportive environment where everyone is treated like family. With a range of care options available, including specialized levels of support, you can rest assured that your needs will be met while staying in familiar surroundings

We understand the importance of continuity and comfort, so we strive to accommodate needs without disrupting the sense of home. Whether it’s assistance with daily activities or specialized care, our team is here to ensure your well-being every step of the way.

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  ” Takanini ” Name

“Takanini”  is a Maori word that refers to a place in New Zealand. It is derived from the Maori language, where “taka” means “to fall” and “nini” means “mud.” Therefore, “Takanini” can be interpreted as “falling mud” or “sinking mud.” This name likely reflects the geographical features or history of the area it represents in New Zealand.

Easy Location

Takanini Lodge  is in the suburb of Otahuhu in South Auckland. It is not far from middlemore hospital. Southgate Shopping Center is also nearby. It is in easy access to local shops and public transportation.Takanini offers a peaceful setting in a suburban neighborhood, nurturing a sense of community. Proximity to nature allows for outdoor activities, enhancing residents’ quality of life in this tranquil and supportive environment.

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Wishing all our residents in the rest home a peaceful and wonderful day filled with joy.

Premier Room and Standard Room

 Standard Room 

Clean, tidy room. Activity room is nearby

Premier Room

Rooms with ensuit bath room

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